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Jeremy Peh

Partner, TruGem Capital

Jeremy is the Principal Trainer and Coach at Critical Thinking Academy Pte Ltd, a leading provider of critical thinking-centered programmes that empower professionals with the knowledge and abilities necessary to compete in today's business environment. He has trained thousands of professionals and lecturers in Critical Thinking, ASEAN Business Culture, Data Analytics, Ethical Reasoning, Dealing with Difficult People, Game Theories in Collaboration, Industry 4.0, Systems Dynamics, and Project Management. He has also delivered hundreds of consulting projects in corporate strategy, business re-engineering, and intellectual property management.

Jeremy is also the co-founder and director of Brands for Good Ltd. (BFG), an organisation that seeks to recognise and honour ASEAN SMEs that demonstrate social responsibility in their operations. Over the last five years, BFG has successfully organised its BFG award ceremony annually. In addition, he is a partner at Trugem Capital Pte. Ltd., a firm that invests in high-tech and resource companies with unique assets.

Jeremy Peh
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